A martingale collar is a special type of dog collar designed for security and comfort. It is made of two loops, one of which fits around the dogs neck, and one loop which provides the closing action. The loop which provides the closing action is made of a fine chain, and the loop which passes around the dogs neck is made of leather.

The collar expands to allow passage over the dogs head, and then automatically closes when pressure is applied. The martingale is not a choke collar, when measured correctly, since the leather part of the collar limits the amount of the closing action that can be applied by pressure on the lead attached to the collar.

The advantage os this type of collar is that is easy and rapid to fit, has a easy, comfortable fit on the dog’s neck, and will only tighten when needed. The elegant appearance of this type of collar is perfect at the dog show. Note that martingale collars are not intended to be left in place all the time, like a traditional buckle collar, and should be used only when the dog is actually on the lead. These type of collars are normally paired with a clip lead, and we offer a matching lead collar combination as a show set.

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Premium Round Leather Martingale Collar

Our Leather Martingale Collar is handmade from premium round leather and is available in either black, brown or natural colours, with Nickel plated steel fittings. The size range of our martingale collar is from 10” to 28” (25.4 - 71cm).  Measure the collar size directly behind the dogs ears, this measurement is for the leather part of the collar. The chain expands to allow the collar to pass over the dogs head, and provides the flexibility to allow a comfortable fit once the collar is in place, so there is no need to add to the collar size for comfort, as for a conventional collar. This type of collar is the ideal partner for our clip lead. We also offer this collar with a matching lead as a a show set.

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